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Whoville Tree -Deluxe

$ 79.99 CAD

Helping hearts grow three times in size this time of the year, this fun, long-lasting arrangement adds charm, whimsy and magic to the holiday season! The deluxe version has a larger base, stands a little taller and includes a mix of seasonal flowers at the base!


"Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more!"

- the Grinch


Approx size 28-32" tall.


*Please add in notes if particular colours / tones are preferred, otherwise will be designer's choice.   Options include - metallic - gold or silver with colour pops - purple, blue, red, green, pink, green.


- For same day delivery please place order by 12PM.

- Please include recipient's contact number; we will verify that someone will be available to accept the delivery.

- If going to a business, please include the name of the business and time frame for delivery (hours of operation).

Care Instructions


Evergreens are great because they can last the whole holiday season with consistant watering!   Take your whoville tree to the sink, gently move back the foliage around the base of the tree to expose the floral foam.  Water the foam until appears a darker green (is wet) and feels heavier from the added water. 


- Do not place in direct sunlight, or too close to a heater.

- Water frequently as the temperature in our houses get much warmer during the winter!

- The greens will dry out eventually, the shape will remain, but please keep with caution as the dry evergreens can be a potential fire hazard.